Create Mentoring Groups

Many mentoring programs are adopting a group model in which one or more mentors interact with multiple
youth on a regular basis. It is possible to set up Group mentoring in MentorCity with one mentor to many mentees or many mentors to many mentees.

1 - Create a Group

1.0 Click the "Admin" tab on the left-hand side of the page to access your administrator dashboard.


1.1 Click "Collaborate" under the "Customize" section on the right-hand side of the screen.

1.1.1 The "Collaborate" section will expand, click "Group Mentoring".


1.2 Click Create Group.


1.3 Give the group a name and a description. In this example, we will use the name of the mentor as the group name.


1.3.1 Optional: Add a French translation in the French fields if the program is bilingual.


1.4 Select a Group Status. For a brand-new group, based on your internal process, choose a status between the first three statuses listed. 


1.5 *NEW* Optional: Attach a photo that is representative of the group. A different photo can be added based on the language selected on the platform.  Make sure to follow the recommended dimensions.


Here is an example of what groups with or without a photo would look like to the end user:


1.6 Voilà! The group is now created and will appear at the bottom of the list if other groups already exist.


2 - Add Mentors and Mentees to a Group

Now that a group has been created, the administrator can start adding members to the newly created group.

2.0 The administrator needs to return to the administrator dashboard by clicking the "Admin" tab again.


2.1 Click on "Members".


2.2 Click on Add to Group for each mentor/mentee that needs to be added to a group. This can be done from the "Groups Name" column.  This column also highlight groups that each mentor/mentee are already part of.


2.3 Check the box beside the group name to add the mentor or mentee to a specific group. They can be added to multiple groups if applicable.


2.4 Click Save Changes.


2.5 Repeat steps 2.2 to 2.4 for each mentor and mentee you want to add to a group.

Optional : Administrators can add themselves to a group the same way they would add any other members. 

2.6 Next time a mentor or mentee connects to the platform, they can click on "Groups" on the left-hand side of the page to view their groups.

2.7 Then they can click on the group name to start interacting. 



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