Onboard Mentors & Mentees

There are two ways to invite mentors & mentees to join the virtual mentoring platform.  

1. Send an Invitation Link 2. Mass Email Import
  • Allow mentors & mentees to self-register.
  • Importing an email list will create the user's profile automatically and generate an email communication to mentors & mentees with their credentials.
Send an invitation link

1.0 Access your administrator dashboard by clicking the "Admin" tab on the left-hand side.


1.1 Locate your unique invitation link on the right-hand side of the administrator dashboard and click the copy icon.


1.2 Compose an invitation email to the mentors and mentees you wish to invite on the platform and paste the link in the email. 


1.3 Once mentors and mentees click the link, they will be invited to create their account. 


Follow Up on Invitations Sent

To find out who has responded to your invitation, follow these steps:

1.0 Access your administrator dashboard by clicking the "Admin" tab on the left-hand side.


1.1 Click on "Members" from the center of the administrator dashboard.


1.2 You will see a list of your current users and their profile completion percentage. 


1.3 Another way to find out who has registered, is by issuing a report. 

1.3.1 Click on "Generate Member's Report" under the "Reports" section on the right-hand side.


1.3.2 The report will open at the bottom of the screen, or will be email to you depending on how large it is. The report contains all of your current users' information. 


Mass Email Import

Before using the import feature, program administrators will have to collect information about the mentors and mentees they want to invite and add this information into the import template. More specifically, they want to gather the information required onto their users' profile. i.e. First Name, Last Name, City, Province, Specialized Skills etc...

1.0 Access your administrator dashboard by clicking the "Admin" tab on the left-hand side.


1.1 Click on Import Members under the "Invite" section on the right-hand side of the page.


1.2 Download either the Simple Import Sample or the Full Import Sample.


Simple Import Full Import

It will create the user and populate information in the following profile fields:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Role
It will create the user and allows you to populate information in any of the desired profile fields, including custom fields.

1.3 A CSV file will appear at the bottom of the screen, click it to open and fill it with information collected from mentors and mentees.



Important Guidelines for the CVS files (Samples):

  • The CSV columns need to be titled the same as the field it is editing.
  • Each row should contain the user information for each member.
  • The Information in the columns need to match one or more of the selections that are in the field. If no match is found in the system, this column will be ignored and will not populate anything.
  • For the Role column, you can enter Both, Mentor, Mentee or leave it blank, if you are unsure.
  • Fields with text boxes, will import everything that is in the Column in Plain text.
  • Each row should contain the email address for each member.
  • Fields that have multiple entries can be separated in the column by a comma.
  • Fields may be left blank, they will be ignored by the import, and the member will be able to edit them afterwards.

1.4 Once the document is complete, save it on your computer or the Cloud.

1.5 From the "Import Members" section, click on Choose File at the bottom of the page.


1.6 Find the CSV file that contains your user information and click Open.


1.7 Click Import at the bottom of the page to start the import.


1.8 You will be asked to confirm that you want to proceed with the import. Click OK.


1.9 Once the import is complete, mentors and mentees' profiles are created, and an email is sent to each of them with their credentials and the link to access the platform.


1.9.1 Program administrators will also receive a confirmation email.


1.9.2 You can view all the newly created userS from the Members' section on the administrator dashboard.



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