Manage System Generated Messages


To ensure mentors and mentees stay informed and engaged, the platform automatically sends out emails and mobile notifications. These messages are triggered by specific events within the application, such as new activities on the platform or pending tasks that require attention.

As a program admin, you have the ability to control the content of these system-generated messages and determine which ones should be deactivated. This allows you to tailor the communication to align with the specific needs and preferences of your mentoring program. 

In this article, we will provide guidance on effectively managing. By understanding how to handle these notifications, you can ensure that mentors and mentees receive timely updates, stay actively involved in the mentoring process, and ensure they receive relevant notifications without feeling overwhelmed. Let's delve into the details of managing system-generated messages to optimize communication and engagement within your mentoring program.

Here are a few examples:



1.0 To manage system generated message you will need to access the administrator dashboard. Click the "Admin" tab on the left-hand side of the page.


1.1 From the administrator dashboard, navigate to the "Messages" tile located on the first row, and click on "New Message" to access the corresponding section. 


1.2 From the "Community Messages" page, locate and click on the "System Generated Messages" tab to access the relevant settings and options.


1.3 On this page, you will find a collection of pre-built system-generated messages that have been conveniently categorized into sections for easy reference and management.


1.4 To view all of the individual system generated messages, you need to expand each section by clicking on it. 


1.4.1 The title of the system generated message.

1.4.2 The subject line that your mentors and mentees will see.

1.4.3 The status which is either active or inactive.

1.4.4 Click to edit the pre-built message.

1.4.5 Click to preview the pre-built message.


1.5 To edit a message, click "Edit" under the "Tools" column.


1.5.1 You can change the subject line and you can change the body of the message.


1.5.2 You can edit the French translation of the message as well if your program is bilingual.


1.5.3 You can also make the message inactive if you do not want this message to go out.


1.6 Once you have made the required changes, click Update.


Given the abundance of system-generated messages, it is advisable to review all of them meticulously. It is important to assess their relevance and effectiveness for your program. If any messages require modifications to better align with your program's needs, you have the option to edit the message content and/or deactivate it if necessary. Taking the time to carefully evaluate and customize the system-generated messages will contribute to an enhanced and tailored communication experience within your mentoring program.

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