Messages' Filter

The filtering functionality notifies administrators when specific words are used in mentor and mentee conversations. The feature has been expanded to also notify administrators when images, websites, email addresses and phone numbers are shared in conversations. Due to the expanded filtering capabilities, the feature has been renamed from "language filter" to "message filter".

The filter applies to:

  • Direct messages
  • Chat conversations
  • Discussions' boards

When a word, an image, a website, an email address or a phone number has been flagged, the main administrator will receive an email notification to review the message. The message can be approved or denied. If denied, the message will not be delivered to the recipient.

Language Filter

  • The filter is not case-sensitive, but the exact spelling of a word must be used to be identified.
  • The language filter is already built-in with a pre-set of words, however it is possible to add additional words. 

Phone Numbers

  • The filtering feature will catch phone numbers entered in a variety of formats. For instance, 416-555-5555, 416.555.5555 etc....

Step 1- Set Up Your Filtering Preferences

1.0 Click the “Admin” tab on the left-hand side of the platform.


1.1 Click "Messages" under the "Customize" section on the right-hand side of the page.

1.1.1 The "Messages" section will expand, click "Message Filter".


1.2 The filter configuration tool is located at the top of the page. 


1.3 Select a filter preference for each content type (words, images, phone numbers etc...) by clicking on the drop-down menu and making a selection.


1.3.1 There are 3 preferences available:

              • Allow : no filter applies for this content type.
              • Review: a filter applies, and the message will be reviewed by an administrator. After review, the administrator will have the option to approve or delete the message. A warning will be displayed on the screen advising the sender that a review is required before delivery. 
              • Block: a filter applies, and the message will be fully blocked. A warning appears on the screen letting the sender's know that the message content is not allowed and therefore will not be delivered. The administrator is not notified when a user is trying to send blocked content. The user simply can't proceed.

Review vs Block 



1.4 Once you have made your selection for each content type, click Save.


Step 2 - Expand the Language Filter

As mentioned earlier in this article, the language filter comes with a pre-defined list of words. You can expand that list by following the steps below.

2.0 Click the “Admin” tab on the left-hand side of the platform.


2.1 Click "Messages" under the "Customize" section on the right-hand side of the page.

2.1.1 The "Messages" section will expand, click "Message Filter".


2.2 Click on the "Filtered Words" tab.


2.3 Scroll down until you reach the end of the page and click on Add Word to add more words that your program would like to flag. 


2.4 Add the new words to the fields. On the left add the English word, and on the right the French translation. 


Note: The filter will only recognise words sent in the current platform language. For instance, if a user has the platform set up to French and types the word "Gun" in a message, it will not be recognized by the filter. If you want the filtering feature to recognize an English word when the platform is set to French or vice versa, make sure to enter the word in the opposite language field as well. 



2.5 Click Update Wordsto save your changes/add-ons.


Step 3 - Review Flagged Messages

3.0 When content has been flagged by the filter, the main administrator will receive an email and mobile notification. If you are not the main administrator, you can view flagged messages under the "Message Filter" tab of the administrator's dashboard, but you will not receive a notification. 


3.1 The body of the email will indicate which word, image, website, phone number or email address has been flagged. In the example below, the mentee used the word "Gun" in his message to the mentor. Because the system does not analyze the context, it will allow the administrator to review the message for approval or denial. 


3.2 To approve or deny the message, the program administrator can click the link in the email or connect to the virtual mentoring platform. 


3.3 From the administrator dashboard, click "Messages" under the "Customize" section on the right-hand side of the page.

3.3.1 The "Messages" section will expand, click "Message Filter".


3.4 It will bring you to the "Filtered Messages" tab by default. The filtered messages are displayed below. 


3.5 After reviewing the message context, click  Approve or Delete. If you approve the message, it will be delivered to the recipient. 


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