Customize the Program Evaluation

Step 1 - Program Evaluation Workflow

The MentorCity virtual mentoring platform comes with a built-in program evaluation feature. The program evaluation is automated and will be sent automatically to mentors and mentees  7, 14 and 21 days after the mentorship has ended (if not completed on the previous attempt).  The program evaluation questions are already defined however, it is possible to change them or add additional questions. Program administrators can even turn off the feature if needed.

The program evaluation is sent automatically by the virtual mentoring platform when the following conditions are met:
             1. The program evaluation system generated message is on an "Active" status.
             2. The mentorship has selected a mentoring relationship duration and submitted the mentoring agreement.

Activate the Program Evaluation System Generated Message

1.0 From the administrator's dashboard, click on "Send Messages"


1.1 Click on the "System Generated Messages" tab.


1.2 Expand the "Mentoring Relationships" section.


1.3 Scroll down to the "Program Evaluation message"  and make sure it is listed as "active".


1.4 If not listed as "active", click "Edit".


1.5 Scroll down and click "Active" and then Update.


Step 2 - Customize the Program Evaluation

2.0 Click the “Admin” tab on the left-hand side of the platform.


2.1 Click "Program Evaluation" under the "Customize" section on the right-hand side of the page.


2.2 The built-in evaluation questions will be displayed, there is a total of 4 questions. Each box represent one question.


2.3  If you wish to delete the/one existing question(s) to build your own, click on the garbage can icon on the right.  


2.4 Start creating your evaluation questions. Each rectangle is meant for one  question.


2.4.1 To add more questions, scroll down and click ADD QUESTION.


2.5 Here are some pointers on how to create each program evaluation question.


2.6 Once you have created all your questions, click on SAVE QUESTIONS at the bottom of the page. 


Step 3 - View Evaluation Results 

3.0 Evaluation results can be found in two locations, the "Relations" section and the "Reports" section. To view program evaluation results, access your administrator's dashboard by clicking on the "Admin" tab. 


Relations Section

3.1 Click on "Relationships" on the administrator's dashboard.


3.2 Look for the "Mentor" and "Mentee" buttons under the "Program Evaluation" column beside each mentoring match. If these buttons are displayed, it means the mentoring match has submitted the program evaluation. It is possible that only one out of the two button is displayed, meaning that only the mentor or the mentee has completed the evaluation. Click on one of the option.


3.3 The following page will display the mentor or mentee's feedback.


Reports Section

3.4 Click on "Program Evaluation Report" under the Reports section from the administrator's dashboard.


3.5 The report will appear at the bottom left of the page as a CVS file.


3.6 Click on the CVS file to open and view the evaluation's responses.


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