Add a Video in Profile

Do your members have video resumés or a video introduction they would like to add to their MentorCity profile? Now you can set up a custom profile field and embed videos to display in profiles.  

Only web videos can be added to profiles, meaning they must have a URL to be posted on a profile. i.e. YouTube videos.
If using a video uploaded from the Cloud, for example Google Drive, make sure the privacy settings are allowing others to view it.

There are three steps to take to post a video on a profile:

  1. Create a Custom Field
  2. Contact Mentor Canada Support Team
  3. Mentors and Mentees Add a Video URL to their Profile

Step 1 - Create a Custom Field

1.0 Click the “Admin” tab on the left-hand side of the platform.


1.1 From the administrator dashboard, click on "Profiles" under the "Customize" section.

1.1.1 The "Profiles" section will expand, click on "Profile Fields"


1.2 Click “Manage Custom Fields”.


1.3 Click Add New Field. It will be located at the bottom of the page if you have existing custom fields, or at the top if you do not.



1.4 Enter a field Name and Description.


1.4.1 Do not add any options.  


1.4.2 Add Tips if needed and assign a Role and an Order for this field.


1.5 Click the additional and optional selections to format the new field. (mandatory, include on report etc….)


1.6 Click Save


1.6.1 The new field now appears under the "Manage Custom Fields" section. 


1.6.2 Voila! The new custom field is now displayed on the profile of your mentors and/or mentees.


Step 2 - Contact Mentor Canada Support Team

2.0 Now that a custom field has been created, please contact Mentor Canada Support to set up your newly created field for videos.

2.1 Send an email to with the following information:

                      • Program Name
                      • Custom Field Name


Step 3 - Mentors/Mentees Add a Video URL to their Profile

Mentors and mentees can start posting videos on their profile once the administrator received a confirmation from the Mentor Canada Support team. The below steps can be followed to post a video on a profile.

3.0 From the dashboard, click on Edit under the profile section. You can also click "Edit Profile" from the drop-down menu on the top-right hand side of the page.


3.1 Scroll down to the field meant to post a video. In this example the field is called "Video"


3.2 Add your video URL in the field.


Note: best practice is to copy/paste the URL from the browser directly to avoid any errors and to ensure "https:" is included. If you are not including the "https:" portion of the URL, the video will not be posted.

3.3 Click Save to save your modifications.


3.4 To test the results, click  View under the profile section of the dashboard.


3.5 Scroll down until you see the video field. Voilà!

Video on Profile.gif

If you have questions or need further support, please contact our Support Team: