Match Mentors & Mentees

The platform offers the flexibility of using different matching methods. The below table provides a brief description of each matching method. 

Matching Methods
Self-Initiated Match Speed Match
Young people and volunteer mentors can scan through profiles of available mentors/mentees and send mentoring requests. This feature can be activated/deactivated as required. The Speed Match feature analyze mentors and mentees' profiles for commonalities. The system will then recommend matches based on compatibility. This is a great feature for programs with large volume of participants.
Manual Match Group Mentoring Match
A program administrator manually matches mentors and mentees. For programs offering group mentoring, the platform allows program administrators to create groups of one mentor to many mentees and/or many mentors to many mentees.

Please note that all matching methods can be used simultaneously. 

Self-Initiated Match

The self-initiated matching feature is activated when you see the "Mentors" or "Mentees" tab on the left-hand side menu. The tab displayed is based on the user current mentoring role. If you are a mentee, you will see a tab to search for "mentors" and vice versa.


1.0 To activate or deactivate this function, access your administrator's dashboard by clicking on "Admin".


1.1 Look for the "Searches" option under the "Match" section of the administrator's dashboard.


1.2 The light grey button with the 3 dots is the current selection. Therefore, in this example, the self-initiated matching feature is active.


1.3 To deactivate it, click on the dark grey area beside where it says "inactive".


1.4 A message appears on top of the page, advising you that mentors and mentees will no longer be able to search for a match. Click OK to confirm the change or Cancel.


Search by Name & Email Address

1.5 It is possible to allow mentors and mentees to search for a match by name or email address. A program administrator will have to activate that search criteria.


1.6 From your administrator dashboard, click on "Profiles" under the "Customize" section.

1.6.1 The "Profiles" section will expand, click on "Profile Fields"


1.7 Click on "Manage Profile Fields".


1.8 Click Active next to the "Search by Name or Email" option. The dark grey option is the current selection.


1.9 Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click Update Fields to save your change.


1.9.1 It is possible to deactivate this option by following the same process but selecting Inactive at step 1.8.

Speed Match

2.0 To use the Speed Match function, access your administrator's dashboard by clicking on "Admin".


2.1 Click on Speed Match from the "Match" section on the right-hand side of the administrator's dashboard.


2.2 The first time that you click on this option, the system may need a few minutes to generate matches based on the size of your mentoring program. A message appears at the top of the page letting you know the system is processing your request.


2.3 When matches are ready, an email is sent to the program administrator.


2.4 Return to the administrator dashboard and click on Speed Match once more to view the generated matches.



2.5.1 Results can be filtered using the compatibility results filters/tabs at the top of the page.



image-1658956433875.png2.5.2 The compatibility percentage is displayed at the top of each match in the blue banner.

2.5.3 Profile commonalities are highlighted in yellow.

2.5.4 Number of current matches are displayed. This number will be above 1 when mentors and mentees are allowed to have multiple matches and are still available to be matched.

2.5.5 The mentor and mentee last activity date is displayed here.

2.5.6 A text box is offered to administrators to share notes about the match between each other, or, for an administrator to take notes for themselves.

2.5.7 Competencies compatibility is related to the self-evaluation (section 3 of the profile). The compatibility can be displayed as High, Medium, Low or N/A if the competencies section is hidden from mentors and mentees profiles.

2.6 To override some recommended matches, uncheck the "Match Mentee" box. You can also click on Select/Deselect to select or deselect all results.



2.7 To accept the recommended matches, click Match # Relationship. Voilà! Mentors and mentees have been matched and can start interacting.


2.8 To view the newly created mentorships, click on Relationships from the administrator dashboard.



Speed Match Criteria

2.9 Speed Match Criteria is used when you want to match mentees based on a specific option from one of your custom field. For example, we have created a custom field called "Favorite Sport" with the options of "Baseball, Football, Hockey and Soccer". For this example, we will pretend that we want to match all mentees that have selected "Baseball" as their preference.  


Please note that once this is set, Speed Match will only display mentees who have selected this option in their profile field.

2.9.1 Click on Speed Match Criteria.


2.9.2 Select a custom field. In this example, we will select "Favorite Sport"


2.9.3 Select an option. In this example, we will select "Baseball" and click Start Speed Match.


2.9.4 A message appears letting you know the matches are being reset based on your request and an email will be sent shortly once the matches are ready. Click OK.



2.9.5 Once ready, click on Speed Match to view the results.


2.9.6 Accept or override matches as needed.


2.9.7 To reset the results and no longer include a specific matching criteria, click on Reset Matches.


Manual Match

3.0 To access the manual matching function, access your administrator dashboard by clicking on "Admin".


3.1 Click on Matching Members from the "Match" section on the right-hand side of the administrator dashboard.


3.2 The system displays available mentees. To match a mentee, click on Match under the "Actions" column.


3.2.1 If the list is long, and you want to easily find a mentee, type their name in the "Search Text" box and click Search.


3.3 Once you clicked on Match, scroll down on the following page until you see "Option 1" and "Option 2".


3.3.1 Use "Option 1" if you already know who you want to match the mentee with. Type in the first name or email of the mentor in this field and press "Enter". 


3.3.2 Use "Option 2" when you want to find a mentor based on "Specialized skills", "Industry", "Job function", "Years of experience" or  "Meeting locations". Make your selections and click Search.


3.4 Once you click "Enter" or Search, the page will refresh, and available mentors will be displayed on the page. Scroll down to view the results.

3.5 Click on Match Mentee Name with Mentor Name when you are ready to match a mentee with a mentor. 


Group Mentoring Match

Please refer to this article: Create Mentoring Groups

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