Onboard your Program to the Quality Mentoring System

Onboard your Program

After creating your account, the next step is to add a program so that you can begin using the tools.

1.0 From the QMS services dashboard, click any of the tools, in this example we will click "Self-Assessment".


1.1 The Get Started page appears and you will be prompt to enter:


A) Program Name

B) Organization Name

C) Job Title 

D) Number of young people served in your program on an annual basis

E) Equity-Deserving groups served in your program

F) Purpose of engaging with the quality mentoring system

G) Indicate if your organization is currently engaged in quality enhancement

H) Read and accept the data usage and privacy guidelines

1.2 Click image-1674054258441.png to finalize.


Note: You will only need to do the above steps once per user.

1.3 After onboarding your program, you will be brought to the Self-Assessment Overview Dashboard or the Innovation Plan Page depending of which tool you selected



1.4 Also, the following email is sent immediately after entering your program into the self-assessment tool. The email contains a link to easily retrieve your program assessment at a later time if needed.