Share the Assessment

Share the Assessment with Colleagues 

1.0 It is possible to share the program assessment with your colleagues during the assessment or after completion. This feature allows you to work collaboratively with team members by giving them a "View" and "Edit" access type to the program assessment.

Note: Sharing the program assessment will also provide visibility to the notes you have entered on the assessment to the person you are sharing it with. Once shared, you cannot unshare the assessment yourself. See section 2 below.

1.1 To share the program assessment, click image-1671742415159.png from the Self-Assessment Overview Dashboard.


1.2 Click the image-1673973180079.png icon on the following page. 


1.3  This menu will appear, click "Collaborate".


1.4 This box will appear, enter the email address of the person with whom you want to share the principles self-assessment.


1.4.1 Click image-1673973622991.png to add them to the access list. Once you click image-1673973622991.png they will appear under the "People with access" list.


1.4.2 Click image-1673973702080.png to finalize.


1.5 The person with whom you are sharing the program assessment will receive the following email with a link to access the assessment.


1.5.1 They will be invited to sign in to view the assessment. If they do not have an account, they will be prompt to create one. 

1.6 To view the names of the persons with whom you are sharing the program assessment, click image-1673973891326.png and "Collaborate" once more. 


Stop Sharing an Assessment with Colleagues

2.0 To stop sharing an assessment with someone, please send an email to which includes the email address of the person you no longer wish to share the assessment with.