Navigate the Self-Assessment Overview Dashboard

The Self-Assessment Overview Dashboard allows you to manage the following elements of the programs assessment:

View Program Assessment Progress

1.0 This dashboard displays the progress and completion status for each section of the Principles Framework.

1.1 A blue progress bar as well as a percentage is used to display the progress for each principle.


1.2 If you have multiple program assessments in progress and you wish to see them all at a glance, clickimage-1671489380901.png at the bottom right-hand side of the dashboard.


1.3 The following page displays the overall completion status of all your program assessments.


Add and Delete Additional Programs

If you have multiple programs to assess, it is possible to add another program from the Assessment Overview Dashboard

2.0 Click image-1671489380901.png at the bottom right-hand side of the dashboard.


2.1 On the following page, click image-1673910222684.png




2.2 You will be brought back to the program submission page.

2.3 Enter your new Program Name.

2.4 Click image-1671489658227.png





2.5 After submitting this additional program, you will be brought back to the Self-Assessment Overview Dashboard page but this time the newly submitted program overview is displayed.



2.6 To delete a program  from the self-assessment tool, click image-1671490307928.png at the bottom right-hand side of the dashboard.


2.7 Click theimage-1673910431094.pngicon beside the program you wish to delete.


2.8 The options will expand, click image-1673910567174.png


2.9 You will be asked to confirm the deletion, click image-1671490628257.png


2.9.1 The program is now gone from this page. Click the program name to return to their Self-Assessment Overview.


Toggle Between Programs

3.0 If you have multiple programs and wish to toggle between, click the program name drop-down menu at the bottom of the Assessment Overview Dashboard

3.1 Select the program to view to proceed with the view change.



Change the Principles Self-Assessment Language

4.0 The self-assessment is available in both English and French. To change the displayed language, click the language icon image-1674081634234.png in the top right-hand corner.


Begin a Program Assessment 

5.0 To get started with a program assessment, make sure the correct program is listed at the top of the page and clickimage-1673970368013.png