Member did not complete Program Evaluation


What happens if members do not complete the Program Evaluation?



In MentorCity, the completion of Program Evaluations automatically ends the mentoring relationship. If members do not complete the evaluation, their mentoring relationship(s) will still be active on the platform regardless of if their completed Mentoring Agreement mentoring relationship length has been achieved.

If the Program Evaluation is not completed, Administrators have 3 options:

  1. Contact the members to complete the Program Evaluation by using the 'Send Message' function.

    Set Program rules via internal communications (using Announcements, Discussions, Resources, and/or built into a Program Orientation Course etc.) informing members that it mandatory to fill out the Program Evaluation once the relationship is concluded. 

    Administrators must also ensure that the Mentoring Agreement is completed by matched members as completing the agreement triggers the Program Evaluation to be sent out to members who have completed a relationship. See this article for more information. 

  2. Manually end a specific relationship by going into the relationship's match page and clicking 'End Relationship'.


  3. Manually ending all active relationships.

    Note that this step will also end any relationships that are yet to achieve the mentoring relationship length agreed upon in the Mentoring Agreement. This step is best used either when all relationships have the same end date or if the program is refreshing all relationships to begin a new mentoring cohort cycle. 


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