File Size Limit


Is there a maximum file size for files shared through the sections listed below?|

  • Messages in mentoring relationships.
  • Chat.
  • Send Messages to the community.
  • Discussions Forum.
  • Resources.



MentorCity does not have a file size limit on the platform for any of the sections listed above. Administrators and members can share files of any size on the platform.

However, while there isn't a file size limit, there is a network bandwidth limit and this limitation is determined by the member's internet speed connection. If the connection is poor/slow it is unlikely that the file being shared will successfully upload regardless of its size. On the other hand, if the connection is excellent/fast, it is likely that the file will successfully upload regardless of its size. 

A useful rule of thumb to note regarding this limit is that uploads are likely be unsuccessful if the file has taken longer than 30 seconds to be shared.

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