"Send an email to this contact" reply link not working


Individual in charge of responding to program inquiries is having an issue with replying the automated email sent from the Connector via the reply link when inquiries are made to their program. 



We receive support emails saying that the "send an email to this contact" link does not work properly. To resolve this issue, here are 3 options that will allow administrators to easily contact inquirers through the email:

  1. Click on your email client's reply button to respond as you would reply to a regular email, do not click the link provided.

  2. If clicking on the reply button fails to work, please copy and paste the reply link (do not click it) into the "to:" section of your work email, that is, the recipient part of you email response. Once you have pasted it, please delete the "mailto:" part of the link. For instance, "mailto:john.smith@mentoringcanada.ca " would then become "john.smith@mentoringcanada.ca".

  3. If you would prefer to click the link, we recommend asking your IT Department to configure your desktop email app and link your work email to it. Once that has been set up, you will be able to reply inquiries by clicking the link.