Orientation Certificate Retrieval

The way the Online Mentor Orientation system is designed, the certificate is either sent to print or saved as PDF within the browser. So you will need to retrieve it through this medium.


Please follow the steps below to retrieve your certificate as well as your responses to the questions.


Step 1: Sign in to the Mentor Orientation and click on the course that applies to you.


Step 2: Click on ‘Enter’ to access the Orientation.



Step 3: Click on the ▶ (play) button



Step 4: Clicking on the ▶ (play) button will take you directly to the completed section which will let you -

  • View/Save/Print your responses
  • View/Save/Print your certificate. Click on ‘View Certificate’ to print/save it.



Step 5: Click on the 🖨 (printer) icon located at the bottom right corner



Step 6: You can either –

  • Print the document
  • Select ‘Destination’ (highlighted in the red border) and toggle the selection to ‘Save as PDF’ which will allow you save the Certificate to your desktop.



Please bear in mind that there is currently an ongoing issue with the certificate not printing names, so your name might not be printed on the certificate. If this is the case for you, note that we are working to resolve this issue so please let the Organization know that is the reason why your name is not printed.