Mentor Connector New Features

As we kick-start 2022, we have a big announcement to make.

The entire Mentor Canada team worked endlessly throughout 2021 to deliver to the mentoring sector a redesigned Mentor Connector.

Mentors, youth, and mentoring service providers can now take advantage of a more enjoyable and seamless user experience. In this article, we will be highlighting some of it’s top features. 

What's New?

Organization and program administrators user interface
  • Dashboard to visualized at a glance inquiry statuses across your programs and organizations.
  • Data export feature for program inquiries, program listings and organizations.
  • Filtering feature to view and sort your program inquiries, program listings and organizations.
  • Shortcuts to the Support & Training Centre and the Knowledge Hub from the Dashboard.
  • Re-designed and smoother communication workflow for organization and program submission.
  • Feedback feature which allow administrators to provide further information about their user experience.

Youth and volunteers user interface
  • Completely revamped and more visually appealing search engine.
  • Fewer fields to complete to start browsing opportunities quickly.
  • Filtering options now available from the search results page.
  • Easy apply form on mentoring programs.
  • "More results from your search" feature, providing youth and volunteers with similar mentoring opportunities when clicking on a program.

We invite you to read the following article from Mentor Connector user guide to learn more about the revamped youth and volunteers user interface:

Mentor Connector for Volunteers & Youth 




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