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*NEW* Customize the Mentors & Mentees' Dashboard

Mentors & Mentees' Dashboard

The revamped dashboard is now customizable to suit the needs of your program. 

The mentor and mentee's dashboard has three rows and each of these rows has a few widget options to select from. 

Please note that it is not possible to interchange widgets between row numbers. However, it is possible to interchange widget positions within the same row. 



For instance, you can change the "Profile" widget with the "Meeting availability" widget in row 1.





However, you would not be able to change the "Profile" widget with the "Connections" widget because they are located in different rows.


1 - Steps to Customize the Dashboard:

To customize the dashboard, follow these steps:

1.0 Access the administrator dashboard by clicking the "Admin" tab on the left. 


1.1 Click on "Dashboard Setting" under the "Customize" section. 


1.2 The following page will appear. For each row, select the position of the widgets. 


1.2.1 Simply click the widget box to expand the options and click the desired options for each widget number.


1.3 Click Save Settings to save your changes. This can be updated at any time.


Please note that Goals are automatically taking 2 widget space. Therefore, if you had Goals to Row 3, you can only have 3 widgets displayed.

Add a Sponsor to the Dashboard

The re-designed dashboard  also allow program administrators to feature their program sponsors and add an hyperlink to the logo bringing the user to the sponsor's website.