*NEW* Streamlined Group Meeting Scheduling


The latest feature empowers groups to effortlessly schedule their meetings using the integrated calendar, making group mentoring more efficient than ever before. Previously, organizing group mentoring meetings on MentorCity required time-consuming coordination among group members to find a suitable date and time. Even after the decision was reached, the meeting remained absent from the mentors' and mentees' calendars within the platform. 

Now, with the introduction of group meeting booking through the calendar, this process has been streamlined and simplified.

In this article, we will learn how to effectively utilize the group meeting scheduling feature.

1- Schedule a Group Meeting

Note: It's important to highlight that every member of a mentoring group, regardless of whether they are a mentor or mentee, has the capability to schedule a group meeting. However, it's the responsibility of program administrators to effectively communicate any preferences or restrictions they may have concerning the ownership of meeting scheduling within a mentoring group.

To schedule a group meeting, mentors and mentees can follow these steps:

1.0 Access Scheduling:

  • Navigate to your Dashboard.
  • Click "New" under the "Schedule Meetings" tile.


1.1 Set Meeting Details:

  • Choose the desired meeting duration using the drop-down menu.
  • Based on the Meeting Type Permissions available within your program, choose an appropriate meeting format, such as Video Conferencing or In-person, as needed.


1.2 Select the Group:

  • Within the "Mentor/Mentee/Group" field, utilize the drop-down menu to select the name of the group for which you are arranging a meeting.

Note: Group names can be seen solely by program participants who have been added to a mentoring group beforehand.


1.3 Choose Recurrence (if needed):

  • If you want to schedule a recurring meeting, select the desired frequency.


1.4 Select Date and Time:

  • On the calendar, pick a date.
  • The system will display common available time slots for the group members.

Important: Ensure all group members have set up their availability in advance for optimal booking efficiency. For instructions on how mentors and mentees can set their availability, refer to this article: Mentors & Mentees Onboarding Essentials


1.5 Send Meeting Request:

  • Once you've chosen a suitable time slot, click Send Request.
    • image-1695073428924.png


Important: Please be aware that if a program participant is included in a group after a meeting has been scheduled, they won't have access to the meeting invitation in their calendar. We suggest that the meeting organizer cancels and reschedules the meeting to ensure the newly added group member also receives the meeting in their calendar.

2 - Track Group Meeting Invitation Status

After sending out group meeting invitations, all mentoring group members will receive email invitations, and those using the mobile app will also receive mobile notifications.

Note: Only the meeting organizer has access to view the meeting invitation status for each group member.

Here's how the group meeting organizer can track this status:

2.0 Access Upcoming Meetings

  • Begin from your Dashboard and locate the "Schedule Meetings" tile.
  • Click on "View" within this tile.


2.1 Filter for Upcoming Meetings:

  • A window will appear, displaying a list of meetings categorized as "New Meetings," "Upcoming Meetings," and "Past Meetings."
  • To track the status of upcoming meetings, select the "Upcoming Meetings" tab.


2.2 Select the Meeting of Interest:

  • If you have multiple upcoming meetings, locate the specific meeting for which you want to track attendance.
  • Click the "Mentor/Mentee/Group" field's to expand it and view the list of attendees.


2.3 Viewing Attendance Status:

  • A list of meeting attendees will be displayed, along with status indicators:
    • A green checkmark indicates they have accepted the invitation.
    • A red "X" signifies that the invitation has been declined.
    • A question mark (?) indicates that they have not yet accepted the invitation.