*NEW* Recalculate Profile Completion


MentorCity offers a function on the administrator's dashboard that recalculates in real time the profile completion percentage of mentors and mentees. This can be especially useful when an administrator deletes or creates profile fields, as profile fields are directly tied to profile completion rates. When adding a field, this feature will help program administrators track the completion of the new field by updating the profile completion rate. The feature is also convenient when a program is onboarding new members and wants to follow up on their profile completion %.



To learn how to use the function, we will take the example of creating a new custom field after our current mentors and mentees have already completed their profile at 100%.  For instructions on how to create and update profile fields, please refer to the Customize Mentors/Mentees Profile Fields & Drop-down Menus article.


I created and saved a brand new profile field called "Preferred Pronouns" for mentors and mentees.


Adding a brand new field to the user profiles will reduce the Profile Completion % until mentors and mentees complete the field with information. However, on the Members Section on the administrator dashboard, we can see that the Profile Completion % has not yet been adjusted. Even when clicking the refresh button from the browser, the Profile Completion % is still showing a Profile Completion of 100%.  

This is when the function to recalculate profile completion is beneficial.



1.0 Click the "Admin" tab on the left-hand side of the page to access the administrator dashboard.


2.0 Click "Profiles" under the "Customize" section at the bottom right of the dashboard.

2.1 The "Profiles" section will expand, click "Profile Fields".


2.2 Click the "Recalculate Profile Completion" tab.


2.3 A message appears letting you know the profile completeness values are being recalculated. Give it a couple of minutes. 


3.0 After a couple of minutes, click Members in the center of the administrator dashboard. 


 3.1 The Profile Completion % should now be reflecting the most recent and accurate information. 


Repeat steps 1.0 to 3.0 at any time to view the most accurate and recent profile completion %.