*NEW* Enhanced Reports

In addition to the reports and analytics currently offered, MentorCity is now offering enhanced reports capabilities to help you sort your program data more efficiently: 

  • Advanced Filtering Capabilities to Produce Custom Member Reports
  • Distinct Reports for Surveys and Program Evaluations
  • Mentors and Mentees' Notes and Messages Captured in Relationships Reports
Available Reports 

MentorCity offers 6 prepared reports on the platform:

  • Members' Report
  • Relationships' Report
  • Meetings Report for Relationships
  • Meetings Report for Members
  • Program Evaluation Report
  • Survey Report

The above-mentioned reports can be generated from the Administrator's dashboard under the Reports section.


Simply click on one of the report to generate it. The report will appear at the bottom of the page in a CVS format, OR will be email to the program administrator if the report is too large.


Advanced Filtering Capabilities to Generate Custom Reports

MentorCity now offer custom reports to program administrators. This allows program administrators to focus on data that matters the most to them.

To generate a custom report, follow these steps:

1.0 Click the “Admin” tab on the left-hand side of the platform to access your administrator's dashboard.


1.1 Click on Members in the centre of the page. 


1.2 Click on "Custom Report" to select the data to be generated on the report.


1.3 Select all fields that you want to report on. 


1.3.1 You can all also choose "Select All" if you wanted all the data pertaining to all fields.


1.4 Click Save.


1.5 The report will automatically be generated at the bottom of the page. If the report is very large, it will be emailed to you.