Meeting Type Settings


Program administrators have the ability to configure different meeting type permissions from the dashboard.

The different meeting type are:

  • Video conferencing
  • Phone Calls 
  • In-Person

When program authorization is granted for any of the mentioned meeting types, mentors and mentees gain the ability to choose them from the "Schedule Meeting" widget while scheduling their meetings.


Note: The default meeting type setting for any new program is "video conferencing". Other meeting types can be added by a program administrator at any time.

1 - Configure Meeting Type Permissions

1.0 Access your administrator's dashboard by clicking on the "Admin" tab on the left-hand side of the page. 


1.1 Click on the "Edit Settings" option found under the "Organization Profile" tile in the first row of the admin dashboard.


1.2 Click the "Organization Switches" tab to bring up the meeting type permissions.


1.3 To grant meeting permissions, simply click the toggle button next to the desired option. The button will display a check mark and change color once enabled. Conversely, to disable a meeting type, click the toggle again until an X sign appears and the button turns grey.


IMPORTANT: Enabling phone call meeting types will give mentor and mentee the visibility to each other's phone number. If your program does not allow sharing of this personal information, do not enable phone call meeting types.


2 - Video Conferencing Meetings

2.0 When a video call meeting is booked, the system generates a unique clickable meeting link on the invitation.


2.1 The video call meeting link is sent to the mentoring match with the meeting invitation email and is also available from the Dashboard if the program provides an "Upcoming Meetings" widget.

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