Generate Reports


In addition to the existing reports and analytics, the virtual mentoring platform provides advanced capabilities to help you efficiently navigate your program data:

1. Custom Member Reports with Advanced Filtering:
Take advantage of advanced filtering capabilities to generate custom member reports tailored to your specific requirements.

2. Surveys and Program Evaluations Reports:
Access distinct reports dedicated to surveys and program evaluations, enabling you to analyze feedback and insights effectively.

3. Relationship Reports with Notes and Messages:
Gain valuable insights by accessing relationship reports that capture notes and messages exchanged between mentors and mentees.

These enhanced reporting capabilities aim to streamline your data analysis process and provide valuable information for optimizing your mentoring program. Let's explore these features in detail to maximize the potential of your program data.

Available Reports 

MentorCity offers 6 prepared reports on the platform:

  • Members Report
  • Relationships Report
  • Meetings Report for Relationships
  • Meetings Report for Members
  • Program Evaluation Report
  • Survey Report

The above-mentioned reports can be generated from the administrator dashboard under the Reports section.

From the administrator dashboard, navigate to the "Generate Reports" tile located on the third row, and click on "View All" to access the corresponding section. 


A new dialog box will appear. Click on the desired report.


Upon completion of the process, the system will automatically generate a CSV report, which will be promptly available in your download folder. Simply click on the document to open and access the data it contains.



Advanced Filtering Capabilities to Generate Custom Reports

The virtual mentoring platform offers custom reports for program administrators. This allows program administrators to focus on data that matters most to them.

To generate a custom report, follow these steps:

1.0 Click the “Admin” tab on the left-hand side of the platform to access your administrator's dashboard.


1.1 Click on "Members" located on the second row of the administrator dashboard.


1.2 Click "Custom Report" to select the data to be generated in the report.


1.3 Select all fields that you want to report on. 


1.3.1 You can all also choose "Select All" if you want to see all data for all fields.


1.4 Click Save.