Expand the Language Filter

The language filter is a feature that will flag concerning words in mentoring relationships' conversations to program administrators. It is not case sensitive but the exact spelling of a word must be used to be flagged.

When a word has been flagged as concerning, the program administrator will receive a notification to review the message. The message can be approved or denied. If denied, the message will not be delivered. 

The language filter is already built-in however it is possible to add additional words to the filter. 

Step 1- Expand the Language Filter

1.0 Click the “Admin” tab on the left-hand side of the platform.


1.1 Click "Language Filter" under the "Customize" section on the right-hand side of the page.



1.2 Click on the "Filtered Words" tab.


1.3 Scroll down until you reach the end of the page and click on Add Word to add more words that your program would like to flag. 


1.4 Add the new words to the fields coming up. On the left add the English word, and on the right the French translation. 


1.5 Click Update Words to save your changes/add-ons.


Step 2 - Review Flagged Messages

2.0 When a word listed on the language filter has been flagged, the main program administrator will received an email and mobile notification. If you are not the main administrator you can view flagged messages under the "Language Filter" tab of the administrator's dashboard but you will not receive a notification. 


2.1 The message containing the flagged word will be indicated in the body of the email. In this below example, the mentee used the word "Gun" in his message to the mentor. Because the system does not analyze the context it will allow the program administrator to exceptionally read the message for review and approval or denial. 


2.2 To approve or deny the message, the program administrator can click the link in the email or connect to the virtual mentoring platform. 


2.3 From the administrator dashboard, click on "Language Filter" under Customize. 


2.4 It will bring you to "Filtered Messages" by default. The flagged messages are displayed below. 


2.5 After reviewing the message context, click either Approve or Delete. If you approve the message, it will be delivered to the recipient. 


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