Customize the Mentors & Mentees' Dashboard

Mentors & Mentees' Dashboard

The revamped dashboard is now customizable to suit the needs of your program. 

The mentor and mentee's dashboard has three rows and each of these rows has a few widget options to select from. 

Please note that it is not possible to interchange widgets between row numbers. However, it is possible to interchange widget positions within the same row. 



For instance, you can change the "Profile" widget with the "Meeting availability" widget in row 1.





However, you would not be able to change the "Profile" widget with the "Connections" widget because they are located in different rows.


1 - Steps to Customize the Dashboard:

To customize the dashboard, follow these steps:

1.0 Access the administrator dashboard by clicking the "Admin" tab on the left. 


1.1 Click on "Dashboard Setting" under the "Customize" section. 


1.2 The following page will appear. For each row, select the position of the widgets. 


1.2.1 Simply click the widget box to expand the options and click the desired options for each widget number.


1.3 Click Save Settings to save your changes. This can be updated at any time.


Please note that Goals are automatically taking 2 widget space. Therefore, if you had Goals to Row 3, you can only have 3 widgets displayed.

Add a Sponsor to the Dashboard

The re-designed dashboard  also allow program administrators to feature their program sponsors and add an hyperlink to the logo bringing the user to the sponsor's website.


The sponsor widget is only available to display on row 1 of the dashboard.


Before a sponsor can be added to the dashboard, it has to be created on the virtual mentoring platform. If the sponsor is not created first, the dashboard will display a blank widget.


2 - Steps to add sponsor(s) to the dashboard:

2.0 Access the administrator dashboard by clicking the "Admin" tab on the left. 


2.1 Click on "Sponsors" under the "Customize" section. 


2.2 Click Create A Sponsor


2.3 Add the sponsor name in the "Name" field

2.4 Add a Url (website) in the "Url" field linking the logo to the sponsor's website

2.5 Click Choose File to upload the sponsor's logo

2.6 Click Save Sponsor


It is possible to create multiple sponsors (figure 1), however, each sponsor will be using a widget from row 1 of the dashboard. For example, if you have two sponsors on the dashboard, you will need to hide two of the other available widgets such as "Profile", "Schedule Meetings", "Availability" etc.... The multiple sponsors will move as a carousel (figure 2).

Figure 1


Figure 2

Carousel smaller widget.gif

2.8 Once the sponsor (s) are created, it appears under the "Sponsors" section and can be Edited or Deleted anytime. 


2.9 The next step is to add the recently created sponsor(s) to the dashboard widget. Follow steps 1.0 to 1.3 of the above section.

Schedule a Meeting from the Dashboard

It is now possible to schedule meetings directly from the dashboard. Furthermore, the calendaring feature on the dashboard allow mentors and mentees to only see common availability. 


The revamped dashboard also display upcoming meetings.



3 - Steps to schedule a meeting from the dashboard:

3.0 Ensure to have your availability set up in the virtual mentoring platform before scheduling a meeting.

3.1 Click on Edit or the pen icon from the "Meetings Availability" widget on the dashboard.


3.1.1 Enter your availability for each day of the week or click Sync Calendar.


3.1.2 Click Save


3.2 Now that your availability is set up, click on New under from the "Schedule Meetings" 


3.2.1 Select a duration

3.2.2 Select the mentor or mentee you want to meet with

3.2.3 Click the desired meeting date on the calendar

3.2.4 Select a time slot from the morning, afternoon or evening slots by clicking on the desired time. 

3.2.5 Click Send Request


Set Personal Goals

Even though goals setting was already available for mentees on the virtual mentoring platform, a few updates were made to improve the feature:

  • It is now possible to have personal goals which will not be visible for the other person in the mentoring relationship
  • Mentors can also set up their own personal goals
  • Mentors and mentees can both enter goals for the mentoring relationship
  • Sub-goals related to a main goal can also be entered 
4 - Steps to set goals from the dashboard:

4.0 Click the + sign next to "Set a new Goal" on the dashboard.


4.1 Chose who this goal is for. Chose either "Personal" if this goal is for yourself or select the name of your mentor or mentee if this goal is meant for the mentorship.

4.2 Enter a description of the goal.

4.3 Select a due date to achieve this goal.

4.4 Optional: enter a sub-goal related to the current goal and click Add Subgoal to keep on adding other sub-goals.

4.5 Select a due date for the sub-goal

4.6 Select a priority

4.7 Click Save 


4.8 The goal is now displayed on the dashboard.


4.8.1 If the goal is for the mentorship, it will also be visible when clicking on your connection.


5- Steps to edit or delete an existing goal

5.0 Click on the goal to update it at anytime and click Save after editing the goal.



5.1 To mark a goal as achieved, simply check the circle next to the goal description until you see a checkmark.


5.2 If you entered a goal in error and need to delete it, from the dashboard click "View All".


5.3 Click the X sign next to the goal that needs to be deleted.


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