Administrator Dashboard New Release


The "Customize" section of the administrator dashboard has been categorized to help administrators find what they need easily. Additionally, some options have been renamed to better describe administrator actions. New customization functionalities have also been added.

There are 6 categories:

1- Content

This section displays the various content sections that can be customized.


2 - Profiles

This section displays the areas that can be customized in the mentors and mentees' profiles.


  • Profile Fields:
  • Industries
  • Functions
  • Competencies
  • Specialized Skills/Development Areas
  • Maximum Number of Mentors and Mentees




3 - Messages

This section displays all messaging functionalities.


  • Send Messages:
    • Community Messages
    • System Generated Messages
  • Email Logs
  • Message Filter:
    • Message Filter Settings
    • Filtered Messages
    • Filtered Words




4- Collaborate

The collaborate section displays the ways that mentors and mentees can connect outside of a 1:1 mentorship.


  • Group Mentoring
  • Discussions






5 - Feedback

The feedback section display options for gathering feedback from mentors and mentees within your program.


  • Program Evaluation
  • Surveys







6 - Administrators

This section will only be visible for the main program administrator and allows them to manage administrator's permissions.

  • Managing Admin Permissions










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