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*NEW* Release Notes


Introducing a streamlined approach to stay abreast of MentorCity platform developments, administrators can now conveniently access release notes directly within the virtual mentoring platform. This feature has been available since December 11th, offering crucial insights into updates and enhancements.

Definition: Release notes are information that accompany software releases or updates, providing a detailed summary of the changes, enhancements, bug fixes, and new features introduced in that particular version. They serve as a communication tool between the developers or company releasing the software and the users or administrators who will be implementing the update. 

Key points:

It's important to mention that Mentor Canada will continue to communicate impactful platform changes directly to administrators. However, administrators can now conveniently reference low-impact and minor updates through the release notes in their notification center, promoting a more efficient and informed administrative experience.


1- Access Release Notes

To access release notes, ensure you are logged into the platform using your administrator credentials and follow the steps below.

1.0 Log in to the virtual mentoring platform.


1.1 Once logged in, navigate to the top right corner of the page.

1.2 Click on the "Notifications" icon, represented by a bell. This will direct you to the "Notifcations" section where you can view the latest release notes.


1.3 Scan the notifications for entries titled "Release notes for (date of the release)" and click on the relevant notification.


1.4 Once clicked, you will be directed to the release notes page, where a comprehensive list of platform updates, improvements, and bug fixes is presented.


1.5 Take note that certain points on the page will feature clickable links, providing visual information through screen captures for enhanced clarity.