Manage Profile Sections, Fields & Drop-Down Menus and Competencies

The first video of this chapter will explain how to display and hide profile sections and fields that mentors and mentees can see when they are building their profiles in MentorCity. The platform comes with some pre-set profile sections and fields to build your program, but you can hide, change, or add custom fields so that you can optimize your participant profiles to best reflect the content that your mentors and mentees want to see.

The second video will cover how to manage the built-in drop-menu options from built-in fields.

The third and last video of this chapter will explain how to customize the Competencies section of the user profile. The "competencies" is a self-evaluation section of the mentors and mentees's profile.

Manage Profile Sections & Fields Video

Manage Profile Drop-Down Menus Video

Customize Competencies Video

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