Virtual Mentoring Platform Offboarding Process

To discontinue your use of the virtual mentoring platform, please submit a written request via email to 

Upon receiving confirmation from Mentor Canada regarding your offboarding date, consider following this recommended checklist of steps before the offboarding takes place:

1. Inform your mentors and mentees about the platform's upcoming inaccessibility after your offboarding date.
2. Download the program reports.
3. Extract any additional data and resources as needed.

Please note that once your program has been deleted from the virtual mentoring platform, it will not be possible to recover or reinstate any of the program data.

1- Inform Mentors and Mentees

To facilitate a seamless transition and prevent confusion, it is advisable to inform all current users of the virtual mentoring platform about its impending unavailability on a specific date.

Additionally, it is recommended to encourage members involved in ongoing or completed mentoring relationships to preserve essential information stored in MentorCity, such as notes and shared documents, before the program is offboarded.

Program administrators can utilize various methods to notify mentors and mentees effectively. Consider employing one or more of the following approaches:

2 - Download the Programs Reports

It is highly advisable for programs undergoing offboarding to generate reports prior to closing their account on the platform. These reports contain a wealth of valuable data pertinent to your programs, encompassing activities and engagements between mentoring matches within your program. Preserving this data could prove invaluable for future program states or development endeavors.

MentorCity offers a suite of six pre-formatted reports on the platform, along with the capability for program administrators to create custom reports tailored to their specific requirements.

The preconfigured reports available on the platform include:

1. Members Report
2. Relationships Report
3. Meetings Report for Relationships
4. Meetings Report for Members
5. Program Evaluation Report
6. Survey Report

These reports can be effortlessly generated from the administrator dashboard within the Reports section.

For detailed instructions on issuing reports, please refer to this article: Generate Reports

3 - Extract Additional Data and Resources

For programs that have developed resources and courses, it is advisable to review the content thoroughly, including text, links, images, videos, and files shared within these resources and courses.

It's important to ensure that backup copies of this content are available elsewhere. If not already done, consider copying and pasting the information to another accessible location outside the virtual mentoring platform, such as your computer, cloud storage, or a USB key. This precautionary measure safeguards against potential loss and ensures continued access to essential materials beyond the platform's closure.

We appreciate your initial interest in MentorCity! If your program wishes to resume utilizing the platform in the future or if you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact us regarding subscription availability at We're here to assist you with any questions or needs you may have.