Mentors & Mentees Onboarding Essentials

1. Register & Download the Mobile App
2. Login
3. Complete Your Profile 
4. Set Your Availability 
5. Get familiar with the different sections of the platform 
6. Once you have been matched, review your mentoring match's profile
7. Book your First Mentoring Meeting
8. Complete the Mentoring Agreement
9. Establish Goals for your Mentorship
10. Connect & Communicate Regularly 


1 - Register & Download the Mobile App

The program administrator will invite you to join their program on the virtual mentoring platform using one of the two following methods: 

  1. Invitation Link: Click the invitation link provided by the program administrator to register.
  2. MentorCity Email: Click the link in the MentorCity email and connect using the credentials provided.

Download the MentorCity App on the  App Store App-Store-Logo.pngor Google Play Google-Play-Emblem.png


Look for this logo when searching for the mobile app : image-1665679693928.png

2 - Login

To connect to the platform visit:

  • Desktop/Browser App:
    Bookmark this link so that you can easily connect to the platform going forward.

  • Mobile/Tablet App: Click the MentorCity logo on your mobile device and click "Login" in the top-right hand corner.


3 - Complete Your Profile 

Complete your profile at 100% to ensure you are match with the most compatible person.

  • Click your name in the top right-hand corner to bring up a drop-down menu. Click Edit Profile.


  • If a profile shortcut is provided by your program on the Dashboard, click Edit on the profile shortcut.