Troubleshooting Guide

The troubleshooting process provided below is a sample guide that Program Administrators  can use to gather information from members in order to allow you to easily self-troubleshoot platform issues and/or escalate to Mentor Canada’s support team if needed.

  • Organization name.

  • Program name. 

  • Reporting an issue that occurred with:
    • Myself (provide Program Administrator name & email address).
    • Mentor/Mentee (provide member's name & email address).
    • A Group (provide group's name).
    • Both myself and mentor/mentee (provide all names & email addresses). 

  • Reporting member’s role (Administrator, Mentor, or Mentee). 

  • Brief description of the section in MentorCity where the issue occurred i.e.
    • While attempting to book a meeting.
    • During a meeting.
    • While attempting to join a meeting.
    • While attempting to find/make a match.
    • While logging into the platform.
    • Courses section.
    • User profile.
    • Relationship Message/Chat.

  • What type of issue occurred? E.g., Audio, video, login error, missing course images, unresponsive button/link/function.

  • Was an error message received? If yes, please attach a screenshot of the message.

  • Detailed description of the issue explaining all steps taken prior to the error/issue.

    For added clarity, a screen recording using Loom Screen Recorder can also be shared if visual guidance might aid with comprehension more effectively than providing a lengthy textual description of all the preceding steps.

  • Through which medium was the platform accessed? e.g.: the Mobile App, desktop browser, mobile browser?

  • Which web browser was used to access the platform? Safari/Chrome/Edge.

    Note that these are the only accepted browsers on MentorCity.

  • Which Operating System (OS) is in use? iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Chromebook, etc.

  • Are both systems (OS & browser) updated to the latest version?

  • Please provide any additional information that could assist in resolving the issue, such as, your resolution attempts as Administrator, the frequency of issue reports, and additional supplementary files i.e. screenshots.