Troubleshooting Guide

The troubleshooting process provided below is a sample guide that Program Administrators  can use to gather information from members in order to allow you to easily self-troubleshoot platform issues and/or escalate to Mentor Canada’s support team if needed.

  • Organization name.

  • Program name. 

  • Reporting an issue that occurred with:
    • Myself (provide Program Administrator name & email address).
    • Mentor/Mentee (provide member's name & email address).
    • A Group (provide group's name).
    • Both myself and mentor/mentee (provide all names & email addresses). 

  • Reporting member’s role (Administrator, Mentor, or Mentee). 

  • Brief description of the section of MentorCity in which the issue occurred i.e.
    • While trying to book a meeting.
    • During a meeting.
    • While trying to join a meeting.
    • While trying to find/make a match.
    • While logging into the platform.
    • Courses section.
    • User profile.
    • Relationship Message/Chat.

  • What type of issue occurred? E.g., Audio, video, login error, missing course images, unresponsive button/link/function.

  • Was an error message returned? If yes, please attach a screenshot of the message.

  • Detailed description of the issue explaining all steps taken prior to the error/issue.

    A screen recording can also be shared if visual guidance might be easier than providing a lengthy description of all the steps.

  • Please provide any additional information that could be useful in resolving the issue, such as, your resolution attempts as Administrator, how often the issue has been reported, and additional supplementary files. 
  • How was the platform accessed? e.g.: through the Mobile App, desktop browser, mobile browser?

  • Which browser was used to access the platform? Safari/Chrome/Edge.

    Note that these are the only accepted browsers on MentorCity.

  • Which Operating System (OS) is in use? iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Chromebook, etc.

  • Are your systems (OS & browser) up to date?