Issue Logging & Support Guide

Required Information & Documentation to Log Member Issues
  • Request for an in-depth description of the issue that the member is facing. This should include:
    • A detailed description of all steps taken prior to experiencing the issue.
    • Environment: The environment constitutes of the member's
      • Computer Operating System version.
      • Browser type & version.
      • Mobile type (smart phone or tablet).
      • PC type (desktop or laptop).

        Please ensure that the inquirer is using the latest version of these systems. Here are links providing information on how to determine the latest versions:

        Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android devices Find OS Version.
        Chrome, Safari, Edge Browser Version.


  • Supplementary files: The member is required to send a screenshot of the error message and/or make a screen recording (we recommend using Loom - a free screen recording software) of all steps they have taken starting from login and ending at the issue they are facing.

    Supplementary files are essential as they serve as the most reliable information source and provide the clearest account of what occurred.


Support Guide for Program Administrators

Administrators should attempt reproducing the member’s reported error. If the administrators are unable to reproduce the error by following the member’s description, they should schedule time with the member to work directly with them to reproduce the error. An error which cannot be clearly demonstrated cannot be addressed.

Mentor Canada recommends that the administrator provides support through a video call with the member for more complex issues that require visual guidance.

Please note that it is the initial responsibility of the administrator to attempt to resolve member issues that might occur on the platform.


Issue Escalation Process

If Administrator is unsuccessful at resolving the issue, please contact Mentor Canada’s technical support team for further assistance.

When escalating to Mentor Canada, please include:

    • All information the member provided regarding the issue.
    • Your findings as well as your resolution attempts.
    • Attach all supplementary files.

Providing this information is important as it helps reduce the number of communication exchanges, will speed up work towards a possible resolution, and increases the likelihood of finding a solution.