Dashboard & Data Export


The Dashboard is a great new feature of  Mentor Connector, which serves as a convenient way to visualize your data at a glance. 

The dashboard displays the sum of contacted and un-contacted inquiries in 3 different formats and views:

  1. Per date across all your programs (Left table)
  2. Sum of contacted & uncontacted inquiries per program (Central table)
  3. Sum of contacted & uncontacted inquiries per organizations (Right table)


Only organization administrators can view data from the Organization table (right table).

There is a calendar filter at the bottom of each table to display information for a specific time frame.

You will also notice a shortcut to the Inquiries, Programs and Organization tabs.


Dashboard Resources 

The Dashboard view also provides links via display cards to Mentor Canada's Knowledge Hub and the Support and Training Centre.


Right underneath the Resource Cards, program administrators will find shortcuts to access the other sections of Mentor Connector.


Exporting Data

 Mentor Connector has a feature that allow administrators to export data as CVS files. 

Data can be imported from the following tabs:

  • Inquiries
  • Programs
  • Organizations

To export data from one of the above-mentioned tabs, look for the following export symbol at the bottom of the page.


The CVS file contains much more information than what is displayed on the current page.  The file contains the field entries from the inquiries, programs and organization submission.

Example of an export from the Programs' tab: