Basic Set Up - Quick Start

Quick Start

If your program already has access to the virtual mentoring platform and you're looking for a basic configuration to get started, you're in the right place.

The basic configuration we'll cover here is specifically tailored for 1:1 matches and interactions. This means your program will be focused on fundamental usage of the virtual mentoring platform without incorporating additional resources, courses, discussions, events, announcements, or group mentoring. The platform orientation will be the only available course. Moreover, with this basic configuration, both mentors and mentees will have default MentorCity profile fields and sections displayed, with no custom fields added. The primary functionality of this setup revolves around enabling mentors and mentees to easily book and attend online mentoring meetings.

Each of the following steps will be accompanied by a hyperlink leading to the corresponding topic training article, providing you with a visual guide throughout the setup process. 


1. Create your back up program administrators

2. Edit your organization’s profile:

    • Add your brand colors
    • Add or change your logo
    • Choose the labels for the name and email address appearing on system generated emails
    • Identify your preferred terminology for the role of mentors, mentees and the action of mentoring
    • Define mentors/mentees’ permissions for events, resources, and discussion creation

3. Determine and add your program policies and the Mentor City terms of use to the company policy tab

4. Build the mentoring agreement

5. Activate or deactivate the self-initiated matching feature

6. Email your invitation link to mentors and mentees and include all or part of the below onboarding supports:

7. Track registrations and profile completion progress

8. Match mentors and mentees

9. Generate reports regularly to track your mentoring match’s progress

If you have questions or need further support, please contact our Support Team: